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Nhwa medical marketing center is a sales team with the basis of academic promotion and professional marketing.

Nhwa devotes to the fully academic communication with physicians, making products used correctly in practical practices with the purpose of recuperating patients’ health and lowering toxic and side effects of medicine; meanwhile it provides data for new research projects in communication with medical professionals, collection of feedback in clinical practices, catch of new trends, and track of valuable clues, ensuring the update with the research of international professional field.

95% sales person in the sales team has the pharmacy or clinical medicine or marketing degree, and regularly take medical, pharmaceutical and marketing trainings.   

There are over 30 offices established to serve various medicine uses and circulations in twenty-nine provinces.   

The center improves continually the image of Nhwa by normative regulation and extensive communication, aiming at the demonstration of the belief and sincerity of serving the society. 


Nhwa medical center features advanced marketing concepts, professional sales team, sound expert network and complete service system.