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Nhwa’s R&D center is one of the most innovative R&D centers in China.

Nhwa is a national-level enterprise R&D center, provincial-level engineering center and provincial-level engineering and technological research center, Nhwa’s R&D center has Post-doctoral stations and Post-doctoral innovation center. Nowadays Nhwa’s R&D center focuses on dozens of new drugs with intellectual property and undertakes more than a dozen national-level or provincial-level scientific research projects. The center has Synthesis Lab., Preparation Lab., Pharmacology lab., Analysis Dept., TCM Research Office and Information Dept. and is equipped with complete experimental installation and research system. Nhwa always insists on technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, invests a large amount of capital in technical innovation, and achieves rapid development in a short time. Nhwa now has already successfully developed more than 30 products, such as Duloxetine Hcl, Risperidone, Ziprasidone Hcl, Etomidate Fat Emulsion, Gabapentin, Zaleplon and etc.

Speed up the development of new drugs, and follow up the international development of new drugs.

Nhwa’ R&D centre cooperates tightly with famous national institutes such as China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University, and gradually expands the cooperation to the international pharmaceutical institutes to speed up the development of new drugs, following up the international development of new medicine. With the cooperation with several institutes, Nhwa has established R&D centers which could independently accomplish all the research processes for a new drug from design and synthesis to pre-clinical evaluation and clinical trial.

Technology research and development platform focusing on the R&D of cardio-cerebrovascular drugs

Beijing Nhwa Pharmaceutical Institute is Nhwa holding technology research and development platform focusing on Cardio-cerebrovascular drugs development and manufacture based on the Cardio-cerebrovascular research centre of China Academy of Military Medical Science.

There are plenty of modern instrument and equipment to guarantee the research methods for new drugs. There is ability to accomplish all the researches for a new drug from design and synthesis to pre-clinical evaluation and clinical trial. There are institutes of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Medication, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Electronic Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical Informatics Engineering attracting a large number of doctoral supervisors, research fellows and associate research fellows in new drugs R&D. The centre has undertaken national 1035 major scientific project, major national 973Plan project, national 863Plan project, national small and medium-sized enterprises innovation fund projects and key tenth five years’ plan scientific project.